Rio was founded in 2008 to commercialize molecules that influence and biomark specific target proteins in the central nervous system.

Rio's underlying technology includes a proprietary algorithm that supports in silico design of novel small molecules (ligands) binding to select target proteins in the Central Nervous System (CNS).

These proteins have homologous X-ray crystal structures and examples of rigid or flexible small molecules that bind specifically to the target protein. This approach has generated entirely new scaffolds with considerable design flexibility that enable rapid iterative optimization of high affinity, highly selective and pharmacologically active ligands.

This technology has been specifically directed toward the discovery and commercialization of new, highly specific, CNS-permeable ligands for neurotransmitter transporters.

All of our new ligands have been engineered to easily accept [18F] for use in companion PET imaging studies. This enables novel experimental protocols to assess critical in vivo performance of the novel Rio ligand and any other drugs or drug candidates with the same target.

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